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Velcro Cone Bird Collar

Size Guide
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✔ Our most popular bird collar features 4 layers of fleece and closes with heavy-duty velcro.

 This bird collar is perfect for moderate pluckers and senior, weak, or injured birds.


  Enjoy a personalized fit with our bird collars, thanks to the adjustable hook-and-loop closure and the option to tailor the perimeter and neck hole to your bird's needs.

✔   Download our comprehensive feather-plucking recovery guide now to prepare for a fresh start as soon as your bird collar arrives


    Ditch Feather Plucking with UnRuffledRx Velcro Cone Bird Collar

    Crafted from high-quality materials, our bird collar is your bird's new best friend, designed to put a stop to feather plucking while ensuring maximum comfort. With four layers of cozy fleece, your bird can enjoy an unobstructed view of their surroundings.

    This collar isn't just about healing; it's perfect for both short-term and long-term use. Your feathered companion will feel safe, secure, and loved when they wear the UnRuffledRx Velcro Cone Bird Collar.

    Give your bird the life they deserve with our Velcro Cone Bird Collar!

    These collars come in a striking solid yellow base with a charming printed fringe top. Please note that colors may vary.

    Plus, receive a FREE eBook that guides you on helping your bird adjust to wearing their bird collar. It's time to make your bird happy and stop those feather troubles."


    Size Dia. Cone Neck Hole Birds Wt.
    XSmall 3.5" Dia. Cone .5" - 1.25"
    25 - 100 gm.
    Small 5.5" Dia. Cone
    1" - 1.75" 100 - 225 gm.
    Medium 7.5" Dia. Cone 1.3/8"- 2" 225 - 425 gm.
    Large 9.5" Dia. Cone 2" - 2.75" 425 - 800 gm.
    X-Large 11.5" Dia. Cone 2.75 - 3.25"  800+ gm.