Terms of service


Thanks to our precious clients for using our website. Our job as the management of the hitch-eg.com website is to protect the privacy of our customers and we aim to preserve the security of your personal details. This Privacy Policy outlines how we compile, use and reveal your personal information (under some conditions). This Privacy Policy further outlines how we have taken measures to protect your sensitive data. Finally, this Privacy Policy outlines the choices for your personal data storage, usage, and dissemination. By visiting the Platform directly or via another Website You will search the web hitch-eg.com without giving any personal data. And personal identification remains unclear during your visit to the site and can not be identified unless you have an electronically unique username and password account on the web. The terms of the Privacy Policy: 1- The first item: gather and archive your personal data 1- We capture, store and manage your data in order to handle your payment on the Web and any subsequent disputes that might occur and to offer our services to you. We can collect personal data including, but not limited to, your title, name, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, postal address, delivery address (if different), telephone number, mobile number, fax number, payment information, credit card details or bank account details. 2- The information you send will be used to help us to process your orders and to provide you with the resources and details you are seeking via our website. We can also use the details you send to monitor your account with us; check and conduct financial transfers for payments you make online. 3- Post-registration on the website you will not publish any personal information or financial details on any section of the website except on your own website and that will shield you from the risk of abuse or misuse of details. It can be deemed as a violation of this arrangement and therefore the management of the website disclaims your privacy. 4- All information about your purchases and behaviors will be registered on the website 5- Often we use your personal information for comparative purposes in opinion polling and market analysis, depending on your wishes. Second item: The use of your personal data: 1- 1. hitch-eg.com website management has the right to exchange any of your personal details (name/address/phone number) with each organization delivering services to us, such as distribution providers (shipping companies) Third item: exchanging your personal information with other users’ information: 1. Users will need to exchange personal or financial information in conjunction with each other. 2. The administration of the hitch-eg.com  site does not guarantee the confidentiality of your information while you share it with the other members and the administration of the site is not responsible for any statements or financial or personal information that you provide to the site members.