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Bird Parrot Behavior Consultation

✔ Get a detailed, individualized consultation with a licensed behavioral professional.

  Recieve a user-friendly document that you can refer to over and over again to help your bird

  Diane approaches each client with an open mind and provides them with the necessary guidance to begin their journey.


    Have you been worried about your bird's behavior? Maybe it is acting out with screaming, biting, or jealousy with other household members.  Or, it's a nervous wreck and feather plucking, self-mutilating, or cage-bound behavior.  

    You've tried everything that other parrot enthusiasts talk about in online groups like adding toys, giving it more time out of the cage, and trying to improve nutrition. But, nothing helps. After $100's of dollars in vet bills and other resources, it's time to get professional help. 

    Bird behavior therapy is my jam!

    I'll help you discover scientifically backed solutions to finally curb these troublesome behaviors and teach you exactly how to use them.  You'll get back the pet of your dreams.

    You'll literally walk away with a helpful slide deck of exactly what to do to improve your bird's happiness and wellness.

    I'm the bird whisperer. People often say that spending 50 minutes with me provides them with more behavioral insight than a $500 vet visit. Why? Because I can explain parrot behavior in easy-to-understand terms and give you the exact science-backed instructions that you need to make a real difference.


    Please note that consultations are typically done during business hours, M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST.

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Hi Diane! I finally have a small glimpse of hope after 6 months, in being able to help improve Aussie’s quality of life. I have never had to deal with something like this with any of my birds. It can get very overwhelming & upsetting. I often feel all alone in trying to figure this out. I am so thankful to have found you & know you are someone I can contact & schedule more consults down the road if needed. Thank you for all that you do...
Nicole 11/22