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UnRuffledRx Coconut Oil for Birds Supplement, 4 fl. oz.

✔ Organic Red Palm Oil is natural and offers many nutrients for skin health, eyes, and immunity.

 Organic Coconut oil supports and maintains healthy skin, shiny coats, and regular digestion.

 Ensures that the immune system, thyroid, weight, bones, joints, and nervous system are in good working order.

  Sustainably cultivated. Plus, No cheap fillers,  preservatives, or anything artificial. Just pure nutrition!


    Having a long life and having a healthy one are two different things. Birds are known to live long, but they have very specific dietary needs that need special attention.

    Coconut oil for birds helps your bird have a long life and a healthy one, too. With medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and Lauric acid, coconut oil supports your bird's immune system, microbial protection, and hormonal balance.

    Coconut oil is an important supplement for birds that feather pluck because it rejuvenates skin and feathers, supports inflammation, and has antibacterial/antifungal properties. Coconut oil for parrots has been known to reduce the risk of cancer and arthritis, plus, balance metabolism, and hormones. It's a must-have as part of your wellness routine.

    Ingredients: 100% organic, cold-pressed coconut oil

    Start supporting skin and feather care today.

    Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Liquifies at 78 ℉. 

    4 fl. oz.

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Feeding Coconut Oil for Birds

Adding coconut oil to your bird's diet can help make them stronger and healthier! It's a great way to keep them feeling their best. It has a delicious flavor that birds really like, so they learn to eat it fast.

This coconut oil is awesome! My bird had really dull feathers & was scratching all of the time. Her feathers are beautiful now and the itching has stopped. She loves the taste, too!


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