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The Feather Plucking Birds Workbook eBook

Feather plucking can be hard for a bird owner to deal with. You worry about whether your bird is suffering or unhappy, and you worry about how to help your pet. There are many theories about how to help them kick this habit, but it really helps to have a step-by-step approach that walks you through science-based strategies. 

Calm your mind and start taking action today! The Feather Plucking Remedies For Birds Workbook by Diane C. Burroughs, LCSW, offers a science-backed, wellness and behavioral approach for helping your bird say "goodbye" to feather plucking and "hello "to beautiful feathers.

Feather plucking is a sign that something is wrong with your bird - either mentally or physically. It might seem like it happened out of the blue, but as you work your way through this workbook, you’ll learn how to uncover what your bird’s triggers are and what to do about them. This book will share both beginner and advanced techniques to help you expand your bird behavior skills and find safe, effective solutions to your bird’s plucking problem.

Work at your own pace for steady gains.

feather plucking workbook
 It's wonderful that there is so much information & knowledge to gain. We do have an excellent Avian Vet, but she is a 2 hour drive from our farm. Now, maybe we will be able to ask better questions on our next visit.