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Saf-T Shield Stiff Bird Collar For Severe Feather Plucking Birds

Size Guide

✔ Safe, humane way to protect your bird after injuries, surgeries, or self-mutilation

 Lightweight design with padded neck & adjustable snaps

  May attach moleskin to the neck for increased safety and comfort

✔  Transparent material won't block your bird's vision

    Let's face it. If you're a bird owner, your pet is going to have an open wound at some point. It might be from a fight with another bird or it might be from a toe that got caught in the cage. Our plastic bird collar is ideal for open wounds and post-surgery recovery because of its stiff polyethylene flanges out to protect your bird letting wounds heal naturally.

    These bird collars are an excellent choice for short-term wear like recovering from an injury or surgery. Its ultra-lightweight, and clear design lets you can monitor your bird's progress.

    Feather plucking is a common problem in pet birds. We recommend that you contact your Avian Vet for a full examination to determine if there is a medical cause of your bird's feather plucking behavior.  A soft collar can help a mild through severe plucker, but Saf-T shields may provide important support for self-mutilating birds.

    These bird collars are tough and protective. They are difficult for your bird to chew up or take off. They protect the skin while allowing the wound to heal. This style of bird collar can also help with feather plucking, but it's important to work with a vet or a bird behaviorist to uncover the underlying causes of this behavior.

    PLEASE NOTE: We suggest sizes, but please be aware that individual birds may vary considerably in size and you will need to adjust accordingly. Please measure your parrot's neck for complete accuracy. 

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