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No Pick Bird Spray for Feather Plucking Birds, 8 fl. oz.

✔ Aloe Vera & bitters combined to improve skin condition and deter excessive plucking.
✔ Helps alleviate the irritation that can cause scratching and feather picking.
✔ Made in the USA.

    NatraPet No Pick Anti Plucking Spray is formulated to help stop birds from plucking their feathers out. This Spray is made of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera and Balsam of Peru which have skin-soothing properties. 

    Aloe Vera has natural analgesic properties to soothe your birds skin.  It also helps to remove dead skin cells and relieves dry, itchy skin.

    Support feather plucking birds with natural herbs and safe bitters. This product is great for reducing skin inflammation caused by pulling feathers out. It also improves their overall feather condition! 

    Ingredients:  Benzyhol, Carotinoids in an Aqueous Base, Balsam of Peru, Bitter Apple, Aloe Vera.

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