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Healthy Fats for Birds Bundle by UnRuffledRx

✔ Our plant-based fatty acids are sustainable superfoods that help birds feel healthy and energized.

 Supports soft, silky feathers, skin health, digestion, & immunity, and more.

  Rich source of beta carotene and lauric acid.

  Supplies Omega 3 & 6.


    Tropical birds rely on one often overlooked component for maintaining health. Healthy plant-based fats from a variety of sources.

    In order for their bodies to actually produce vibrant feathers, they need soft, supple skin, healthy feather follicles, and a strong heart. 

    Healthy fats for parrots are vital plant-based supplements to have on hand They also insulate cells and tissue, aid in vitamin absorption, and act as cell signaling pathways.

    Just a small amount of oil can do wonders for your birds' health. Give 1/4 teaspoon per 350 grams of body weight each day. It's a good idea to switch up the oils, like having red palm oil one day and coconut oil the next. Different oils provide different essential nutrients for your birds.

    This pack consists of one 4-ounce bottle of Red Palm Oil for Parrots and one 4-ounce bottle of Coconut Oil, to be used on alternate days.


    Ingredients: 100% organic, cold-pressed Red Palm Oil and 100% Virgin Coconut Oil.

    Store in a cool, dry, dark place. These products liquefy when the temperature reaches 75 or 99℉. 



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3 Easy Ways To Serve

Wild birds love to eat plant-based oils, and your feathered friend can benefit from eating them too! You just need to introduce it to them so they can start enjoying the goodness of this food!

This coconut oil is awesome! My bird had really dull feathers & was scratching all of the time. Her feathers are beautiful now and the itching has stopped. She loves the taste, too!


Coconut oil changes from liquid to solid at around 74-76 degrees F and Red palm oil at about 95 degrees F.

Yes! Both coconut oil and red palm oil are full of nutrients that will help your bird live a long, healthy life!

It's essential to be diverse when it comes to food! Giving your bird "superfood" plant-based oils like coconut, red palm, and flaxseed is an essential part of its daily care. Just remember to give it one type of oil a day at the correct amount!

We recommend storing these products in a cool, dark cupboard. They may be refrigerated to extend its life.

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