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Fringy Neck Wrap Bird Collar

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✔  Our special bird collar is like a soft, cozy neck wrap that helps keep your bird from plucking tricky spots like under its wings, the tips of its shoulders, or its bottom.

  With our bird collar, most birds can comfortably eat, drink, and maintain their full range of motion, offering you peace of mind as your feathered friend adjusts.

  Enjoy a personalized fit with our bird collars, thanks to the adjustable hook-and-loop closure and the option to tailor the perimeter and neck hole to your bird's needs.

✔   Download our comprehensive feather-plucking recovery guide now to prepare for a fresh start as soon as your bird collar arrives.


    Keep your precious bird protected and comfortable with our specially designed bird collar. Crafted with multiple layers of soft fleece and reinforced with two sturdy fabric layers, it acts as a gentle barrier to deter feather barbering, plucking, or self-mutilation.

    Your bird's well-being is our priority – they can still eat, drink, and enjoy most of their regular activities while wearing this collar. Securing it is a breeze, thanks to the heavy-duty Velcro fastener.

    We understand that introducing a collar to your bird may take some time, so please be patient during the adjustment period. Download our comprehensive feather-plucking recovery guide now.

    These bird collars are fully adjustable to fit your feathered friend perfectly. You can easily trim them with scissors if they're too tall. For the ideal fit, remember that the collar should be snug around your bird's neck. A helpful tip from our experience: If you can gently turn the collar while it's on your bird without any resistance, it's just right.

    Our knowledge comes from years of working at closely with avian vet's arount the country and crafting collars for birds that need protection..

    Give your beloved bird the care and protection it deserves – choose our bird collar today."


    Please note that regardless of weight, birds vary in girth and body composition.  Please measure your bird if you are unsure of what size to get. You may find our return policy here: Returns.

    Size Measurments # of layers Bird Wt. 
    Small 1" x 6.75" 8 layers 125 - 250 gm.
    Medium 1.5" x 8.75" 10 layers 250 - 450 gm.
    Large 2.5" x 9" 10 layers 450 - 850 gm.
    X-Large 3" x 10"  10 layers  850+ gm.

Is your pet bird having trouble with its feathers? Let us help you out!

Thank you so much for helping me finally find a solution that seems to be working for little Lola. She’s on the road to recovery.

Christina J.

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