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Capital Universal Full Spectrum Light for Birds by Featherbrite

✔ Optimize your bird's health with the Featherbrite Full Spectrum Light Today

 Includes sturdy powder-coated fixture, an energy efficient 6 watt LED light bub, electric cord extender, and cage-mount legs or swag hanging hardware

  On / off switch

  Made in the USA


    NOW With 9.5-watt Full-spectrum LED Bulb

    Do you want to provide birds with UVA- UVB light but don't know which light is the best? The poor little guys have been cooped up in cages for too long.

    With FeatherBrite's Universal Full Spectrum Light For Birds, you can provide your feathered friends with the UVA / UVB light they need to thrive. The light fixture weighs just 3 lb. and comes with 8" wire extenders to lift the lamp up off of the cage.

    The assembled light measures 10.5 x 11 inches and 10 inches high with the legs. It has an 8 ft. electrical cord with an on/off switch. Choose from four non-toxic powder coat colors!

    For your bird's safety, always unplug the light fixture whenever your bird is outside of its cage.


    NOT available for shipping outside of the USA. 

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