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Milk Thistle + Dandelion Root Fatty Liver Bird Supplement

✔ Birds may benefit from taking milk thistle seed and dandelion root to cleanse their livers.

 GMO-free and sourced from human-grade raw ingredients.

  Sprinkle on your bird's daily food.


    Fatty liver disease in birds is more common than you think. Support your bird with Milk Thistle Seed and Dandelion Root. Produced with alcohol-free extraction, you can rest assured that all ingredients are human-grade, natural, and undergo quality and purity testing.

    Made from non-GMO ingredients in the USA.

    Ingredients: Corn maltodextrin, Dandelion root extract 4:1, Milk Thistle Extract 80% Silymarin

    Jar Size: Up to 120 Servings per 45 gram container.

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