LEAD & EMPOWER: Next Scholars Program

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nextemails_mentor1The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) is now accepting applications for an exciting initiative called Next Scholars.  This is a revolutionary program that pairs female STEM professionals as mentors for highly motivated female undergraduates in STEM majors to grow a global network of like-minded women and keep talented women in the STEM pipeline throughout the US.

The application window for the 2017 Next Scholars program is currently open and has rolling admission through February, so apply as soon as possible to not miss out on this great opportunity.

Launched in 2012 by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as a partnership between NYAS and the U.S. Department of State, the Next Scholars program (formerly NeXXt Scholars) has supported over 125 young women and their mentors all over the country.

As NYAS re-launches this program, they are looking to recruit a class of 300 young women and 300 mentors to participate side-by-side in skill-building modules and live events on a new innovative learning platform.

Potential mentors are:

  • A female graduate student, academic or professional in a STEM field
  • A graduate of a college or university in United States, or currently enrolled in a graduate program at a U.S.-based college or university
  • Comfortable communicating in English
  • Able to participate in the program for one year
  • Excited about having a STEM mentee!

As a mentor you will get experience in mentoring a young woman interested in pursuing a STEM career, get access to a network of like-minded women in STEM, have the gratification of giving back and working to keep women in the STEM-pipeline, and a one year membership to the New York Academy of Science.

The time commitment for Next Scholars mentors is approximately 2 hours at the beginning of the program for a short, video-based orientation process on the learning platform, and then 2 check-ins with your mentee every month (which can happen via video chat on the platform or message exchange).  If you are interested in participating beyond that, there are opportunities for other engagement events on the platform as well, such as an interview series, discussion prompt, networking meetup, or book club.  The program runs through December 2017.

Click here for more information and the program application.

If you have any questions please contact Julie Nadel at jnadel@NYAS.org, and we hope you take part in this amazing program!


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