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Search Customers Donate to The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary

May 21, 2014

The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary is a life saver for over 700 homeless parrots.  Parrots come to the Gabriel Foundation from a variety of different circumstances and receive the utmost care from a team of volunteers.  Discover how customers rallied to make a nice donation to the parrot sanctuary.

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5 Ways To Tame A Fearful Bird For A Happier Pet

April 03, 2022

Every day we hear sad stories about fearful and phobic parrots.  There is nothing that you want more than for your bird to be happy and fun to be around. Want your loved pet to improve their quality of life? Read on to learn step-by-step strategies to calming it down.

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Hormonal Behavior in Parrots: How to Pet a Parrot

September 29, 2021

Part of our Hormonal Parrot Behavior series, in this blog post, we present an infographic on how to properly pet a parrot so that you don't inadvertently induce hormonal parrot behavior in you adult pet.

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New Year's Resolutions For You AND Your Pet Bird

January 08, 2021

The beginning of the year is always a great time to reflect, recharge, and think about what you'd like to accomplish in the next year.  We've put together a few New Year's resolution ideas that you and your pet bird can work on together! 

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Hormonal Parrot Behavior: Determining How Much Sleep Your Bird Needs

August 21, 2021

Do you know how much sleep your bird needs?  It is important to know because lack of adequate sleep may induce hormonal parrot behavior.  By knowing where your parrot species originates, you can quickly figure out how much sleep your parrot needs for it's physical and emotional health, as well as its hormonal health.


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How To Safely Sprout For Bird's While Improving Their Health

March 07, 2021

Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses and hold an important place in your birds diet, if you know how to safely prepare them.  Learn how to sprout for birds in the post.

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How To Choose The Best Treat For Bird Training

August 23, 2020

Afraid that your bird is not food motivated? Think again.  Here is the best way to find which bird training treats will actually motivate your bird during bird training sessions.

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8 Ways to Tell if Your Parrot is Sick and What To Do About It

October 14, 2013

Parrots, like most birds, instinctually hide illness from their flock as a form of survival.  They'll hide it from you, too.  Learn how to tell if your parrot is sick in this blog post.

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6 Products To Help Your Bird Get The Sleep It Needs

July 15, 2023

Every night, it is essential that our tropical birds receive an undisturbed night's rest for ten to twelve hours. If deprived of adequate sleep, birds can become subject to significant physical and behavioral problems. Continue reading to comprehend how to guarantee your feathered companion is receiving the necessary sleep.

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Help! My Bird Keeps Chewing Up Bird Collars. What Do I Do Now?

April 04, 2022

Bird collars are a common method used by bird owners to help keep their birds from engaging in self-mutilation or traumatizing themselves. But in some cases, they can really stress a bird out. Learn ways to support collar acceptance and other long-term, science-based strategies for helping birds that have been feather plucking.

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How a Bird Harness Can Enrich Your Bird's Life

April 24, 2016

Using a bird harness to enrich your parrot life has been somewhat controversial.  Explore the thoughts across the pond and learn the pro's and con's of using a bird harness.

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Rescue Parrots: Why They Make Great Pets

March 03, 2023

When you rescue a parrot in need, you are improving both their life and yours. Learn how to build trust with your rescue bird by working at its pace.

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8 Critical Bird Vitamins For Vibrant Parrot Feathers That Glow

November 18, 2021

Growing beautiful bird feathers isn't rocket science but it does take a little planning. Many of the ingredients in this recipe are available in the produce section of your favorite grocery store. Give your bird the bird vitamins they need for healthy feathers. Grab a FREE infographic to help with that!

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3 Homemade Bird Treats Your Parrot Will Love This Summer

March 24, 2016

Are you sizzling this summer?  Your parrot might be hot too!  How about mixing up some delicious foraging parrot treats that your bird will just melt over?  Discover some safe, nutritious fruits and vegetables that your bird is hot for an get a free recipe, too.

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Avian Flu: How Bird Owners Can Keep Their Pet Safe

March 15, 2023

Learn how to protect your pet bird from Avian Flu and keep them safe with easy, practical steps.

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How To Give A Parrot A Bath

August 04, 2016

Ever wonder why your parrot needs frequent baths for its health—and yours, too? Here's how to give a parrot a bath and what supplies you need.

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9 Healthy Bird Treats That Your Bird Will Go Nuts Over

October 01, 2021

Discover the best bird treats, bird treats for training, and even how to find out what your birds' favorite treats are.

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Keep Your Bird Cozy This Winter Without Breaking The Bank

September 06, 2021

Don't let the dry, chilly winter weather get your parrot down. Winter bird care is important. A lot of us wonder how to keep your bird warm. Parrots are from temperate climates and need special winter bird care. Itchy dry skin is uncomfortable and might promote a feather plucking problem We'll help you keep your parrot warm and it's skin healthy.

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Do Birds Mourn? How You Can Help Your Grieving Bird Recover

March 11, 2023

Feeling sad? Your pet bird may be mourning too! Learn how to recognize the signs and help your feathered friend recover with our latest blog post. #BirdLovers

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6 Unexpected Reasons You Need a Quality Bird Carrier

April 26, 2016

Every bird owner needs a bird carrier.  But, there is no need for your bird carrier to sit in a closet and gather dust.  Find out all of the ways that you can use a bird carrier to support your pet and enrich its life.

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5 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday With Your Pet Bird

November 10, 2021

The holidays can be stressful on us but did you know that they can cause bird stress too. Learn how to manage holiday bird stress in our holiday blog post.

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Microchip Your Pet to Help Find Your Lost Bird

July 29, 2023

Don't become a statistic.  Every year thousands of birds go missing. Some are lost and some are stolen. Discover how to microchip your pet and get your lost bird back.

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Insight into African Grey Parrot Intelligence

August 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered about African Grey Intelligence?  Check out this blog post from noted Bird Talk author, Phil Samuelson to learn about these smart, beautiful companion parrots and what they need to shine.

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3 Treatment Tips For A Bleeding Bird That Could Save Its Life

September 29, 2021

A bleeding bird is cause for alarm. Birds have only a few tablespoons of blood circulating throughout their entire body so any bleeding must be stopped quickly. Learn strategies to stop bird bleeding safely and quickly in this blog article from

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How to Towel Train a Bird: A Step-by-Step Guide

November 04, 2023

As a bird-lover there are times when you'll need to towel your bird for its safety and well-being. Towel training ensures a calm and cooperative bird during vet exams, when administering medication, or in emergencies.

With patience and positive reinforcement, you can make toweling a bird a comfortable experience. So, let's embark on the journey of towel training, and ensure that your pet bird is happy, healthy, and ready for any situation.

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Natural Bird-Safe Pest Control for Bird Lover's

March 24, 2016

Are you looking for natural, bird safe pest control?  Find out about your options in this blog post by

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How to Prevent a Parrot from Chewing Furniture

March 31, 2016

Have you fallen victim to your parrot chewing furniture?  Stop parrot chewing furniture with King's No Chew

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Don't Wing it When Choosing a Pet Sitter for Your Bird: Essential Considerations for Pet Sitting for Birds

May 21, 2023

Going on vacay? Don't wing it with your pet bird.  Learn how to find a pet sitter for birds, how to interview them, and how to instruct them so that your bird doesn't get its feathers ruffled while you're away.

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How The End Of Daylight Savings Time Can Turn Your Bird Into A Monster

October 23, 2021

Every year, shortly after Halloween, Daylight Savings Time ends. It's rough on us but, our pets are also affected. Learn how Daylight Savings time changes can affect your bird and find out how to help your bird deal with it.

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How To Trim a Bird's Wings

April 24, 2016

Choosing to clip your birds wings is a personal choice with pro's and con's on each side of the debate.  Here is a true story of a pet that accidentally escaped and survived with instructions on how to properly clip a birds wings.

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D-R-O-P Approach for Bird Burns

April 14, 2016

A common parrot accident is bird burns.  Painful liquid, chemical & electric burns require immediate stabilization and veterinary attention. Here's what to do to increase your birds chance of survival.

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4 Tips to Train a Nervous Bird

February 19, 2022

Do you have a nervous bird that freaks out every time that you approach it? Of course you want your bird to be happy. Bird training is the answer. Learn 4 tips to train a nervous bird.

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Parrot Respiratory System - What does it mean if a bird is panting?

July 22, 2021

Is your bird breathing heavily?  Maybe you hear a clicking sound when it breaths or you see it coughing.  A sure sign of respiratory distress is a bobbing tail. Find out the most common culprits of avian respiratory distress and what to do about them.

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How To Make A Parrot Hospital Cage

June 29, 2021

Having a bird hospital cage clean and ready for use just might save your birds life.  Learn everything you need to know to provide supportive care for your bird when time is of the essence.

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How Do I Keep My Bird Cool In The Summer

June 14, 2021

Parrot's love going outside in the summer, but you have to play it safe! Birds can overheat within minutes of being in the sun. In this article, we discuss the symptoms of an overheating parrot plus offer some helpful tips to keep your bird safe from the hot sun. Is your bird cool for the summer?

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Three Problems with an All Seed Bird Diet

March 24, 2016

Sure, feeding your parrot an all seed diet is easy, cheap, and the parrot seemingly enjoys it. But, an all-seed bird diet can result in number of painful and deadly diseases.  Offer your precious parrot a healthy diet and start seeing a bright eyed, alert, beautiful and healthy pet.

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How To Choose A Bird Carrier For Car Travel

May 02, 2016

There are dozens of bird carriers on the market, but if you're taking a road trip, choose a  bird carrier for car travel for the best comfort and safety.  Find out what to look for here. 

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